Weekly and special events.

Cultural shows, art exhibits, sporting competitions, worship services, educational seminars, fundraising banquets, and more.


The Lithuanian World Center is a happening place. Because of the flurry of activity around our campus, it might not always be clear which event is organized/hosted by which organization. To clarify the situation, let’s break down the events at the LWC by category:

  • LWC organized, LWC hosted
    Example: 2013 Fashion Show “Symphony of Colors”
    Explanation: This fundraiser was organized by a volunteer committee representing the LWC. It took place in the LWC Riskus Hall and all proceeds went to the maintenance and administration of the Lithuanian World Center.
  • Other organized, LWC hosted
    Example: Sunday Mass
    Explanation: The Blessed J. Matulaitis Mission (a separate non-profit organization) is an “LWC User.” It pays the Center a user fee for access to our church premises. The Mission then organizes Catholic Mass every Sunday for its parishioners. So, while Sunday Mass is hosted at the Lithuanian World Center, it’s actually a Matulaitis Mission event.

Why do we bother with this explanation? Since most of the events at the LWC are fundraisers, it’s important for you to know which organization you’re actually supporting. In our event write-ups, we’ll try to make it crystal clear who the organizer (and primary beneficiary) is. To learn more about the various events at the LWC, please make a selection:


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