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We’re excited to offer your business a unique opportunity to reach the 13,100+ people that visit the LWC every month—join our LWC Card program as an LWC Business Partner today!


When individuals donate $100 or more to the Lithuanian World Center, they receive an LWC Card. This card grants them exclusive discounts with our LWC Business Partners.

In return for giving our LWC Cardholders a set discount at your establishment, we’ll advertise your business as an official LWC Business Partner.



  1. We’ll display your business logo on the front page of our website, free of charge in 2014. The logo will be linked to a URL of your choice that opens in a new tab when clicked.
  2. We’ll list your business and contact information under the appropriate category tab on the “LWC Card for Cardholders” page of our website. Our donors visit this page to learn where they receive discounts with their LWC Card.
  3. Additional advertising on our weekly e-newsletter and LWC bulletin boards is available and can be arranged for a fee. Call our office 630.257.8787 for details.


See our Terms of Use for additional legal information regarding LWC Business Partners.